8 Travel Accessories That Are Actually Useful

I'm not exactly a minimalist when it comes to packing, but I do believe in packing smart. That is, packing the things that make your life easier so you can spend all your time enjoying your trip.

Here are the ones that personally work for me.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This post is not sponsored by any of the companies or products mentioned. All opinions are my own.


Useful for: Keeping your phone alive for more pictures and snaps

Where to buy: Miniso - 5000 mAh Portable Charger (in-store only)

If you're using your phone for taking pictures, navigating around, or contacting people, chances are the battery will drain pretty fast. As a result, I highly recommend bringing a portable charger to avoid the hassle.

My top pick is pretty much any charger from Miniso. I use the 5000 mAh version specifically pictured above as it only weighs 130 grams (!!), but can charge my phone twice. Since it's so lightweight, I have no problem fitting it into any of the smaller bags I have.


Useful for: Maximizing space in your luggage, making sure your clothes don't move around in your luggage, or just in case you need a laundry bag

Where to buy: Amazon - Arxus 6 Set Packing Cubes

These are actually amazing for packing as they create more space for your luggage and keep everything super organized. There are tons of options out there, but I advise getting packing cubes with a mesh or see-through cover so that you can see where everything is at a quick glance.

They are multi-functional - you can even use them as a laundry bag for delicate items. They also make unpacking your clothes at the hotel way easier!


Useful for: Charging your phone when traveling to countries other than your own

Where to buy: Amazon - Universal Portable World Wide Travel Power Charger

    The further away from your country you travel, the more likely it is the power outlet is shaped differently. For best results, pick a universal travel adapter that doesn't come in five million different attachments, but as one unit.


    Useful for: Liquids, makeup, skincare, jewelry, extra packing cube

    Where to buy: Muji - Nylon Makeup Pouch (US link)

    I bought this makeup case from Muji and absolutely love it. It is SO structured that I never worry about any bottles or containers getting crushed, and prevents smaller items from rolling around and getting lost in the shuffle.

    If you're staying at a hostel where there are shared bathrooms, it also acts like a basket for your toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover, etc. You can even use it as a packing cube if you really wanted!

    Note: This seems similar to the packing cubes, but most packing cubes are thin and foldable, whereas this makeup bag is basically a box.


    Useful for: Shopping purchases that won't fit into your luggage

    Where to buy: Amazon - Set of 2 Large Plastic Checkered Storage Laundry Bags

    If you end up on a trip where you buy more than what your suitcase can carry, check out one of these large nylon zippered laundry bags. They don't take up a lot of space in your luggage, and if you end up having overflow shopping, just keep your clothes in these zippered bags and use it as a second checked bag. Of course, I wouldn't pack anything valuable or fragile in them, but certainly clothes and shoes.

    I've linked an Amazon option above, but you can get these in Asia for a few dollars. You won't look super glamorous with them, but it's way better than dragging around a spare suitcase or buying last minute luggage.


    Useful for: Liquids, makeup, skincare, maximizing space

    Where to buy: Muji - PE Tube 30g (US Link)

    Most people who wear makeup already know to decant their products into small containers. However, since you're only allowed 1 quart of total liquids by the TSA, my tip is to keep your containers as small as possible. Stick to 30ml capacity or smaller to maximize space and minimize weight.


    Useful for: Staying hydrated, keeping your beverages cold/warm

    Where to buy: Canadian Tire - Manna Water Bottle 17oz

    It's always good to bring a water bottle with you, and this is especially true for traveling. Walking around all day in the sun or doing fun activities can result in dehydration, so it is important to keep drinking water. The Manna Water Bottle goes on sale all the time at Canadian Tire, so watch out for a good deal!

    8. EAR PLUGS

    Useful for: Getting sleep

    Where to buy: Amazon - Howard Leight Women Earplugs

    The walls can be thin at both hotels and AirBnBs, so I sometimes wear ear plugs when I sleep to block out all the noise. I really like the ones linked above as they are designed for smaller ears, and even come with a case.

    Things you don't need

    There are also travel accessories that I've tried to use in the past, but simply don't fit with my travel habits. These are:
    • Passport holder: I used to like the idea of buying a nice leather passport holder to keep all my boarding passes and documents in the same place. However, I find that airport staff and customs always make you remove the passport cover anyway, and I didn't like holding it while dragging my suitcase around. Instead, I opted for a crossbody bag to be hands-free.

    • Regular duffel bag: I find non-foldable duffel bags to be impractical for running around at the airport, and also bad for your shoulders. I prefer to use suitcases as they are better for your posture overall.

    • iPad or Tablet: I used to bring these along just so I had a bigger screen, but I found I would only use them at the hotel and relied on my phone a lot more. These days I default to my phone instead of using an iPad.

    Hope you found this helpful!