Review: AmazonBasics 20-Inch Hardside Spinner Luggage

Overall Verdict: ★★★★☆ You get what you pay for, and then some. Good for occasional leisurely travel, probably not for frequent business travelers. The fantastic price deserves an extra star.

The AmazonBasics 20-inch Hardside Spinner is only $89.99 on, making it one of the most affordable cabin luggage pieces you can buy. Amazon has occasional sales that can make it even cheaper - I snagged mine for only $46.88 plus tax as part of a pre-Prime Day sale in July 2018. Free shipping (Prime or not) really clinches the deal!

Being so cheap, is the AmazonBasics carry-on luggage any good? Let's take a look at the basic features and the pros and cons.

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The Lowdown

Where to Buy, $70.00. I got mine in the Light Blue as it had an extra discount at the time of purchase. If you don't need a suitcase right away, look out for deals throughout the year to get it for even cheaper.

The Pros

  • Great price point with free (!!) shipping
  • 360 degree wheels are easy to maneuver
  • Good interior organization to separate your items
  • Hardshell feels sturdy and durable, implying longevity
  • Smart design with lay-flat handle on top, lay-flat handle on the side, and four knobs to set the suitcase on its side

The Cons

  • Flimsy handle
  • Not the lightest suitcase
  • Narrower and shorter than it could be
  • No exterior pockets

The Full Review


When I received the carry-on luggage, I was immediately surprised at how heavy it was. It's not extremely heavy by any means, but definitely heavier than I expected for its size. Some airlines (not Canadian ones) restrict the weight of carry-on luggage to 22 lbs, which means this would take up a third of that weight already. While there's a weight / durability tradeoff to hardshell suitcases, I would expect to minimize the former, instead of maximizing the latter for cabin size.


The AmazonBasics carry-on luggage looks exactly like its picture. It's your standard hard shell suitcase, with a small AmazonBasics logo in the top right corner distinguishing the brand. There aren't really any other designs features to note, other than the "feet" on the side. The ridged surface of its outer shell is pretty common on all hard shell suitcases. I personally like simple designs, so I'm a fan of the minimalist exterior. The outer shell feels pretty solid, as though it could withstand a beating if you checked it.

I've had cheap suitcases from China where the interior pockets felt like they were made of rice paper. The inside lining of the AmazonBasics suitcase is made of a grey polyester which doesn't feel cheap. Surprisingly, there is a lot of interior organization, including a divider, two zipped pockets, and straps to keep your items in place.

Interior organization of the AmazonBasics 20-inch suitcase.


I didn't find the measurements on the Amazon website particularly accurate, so I've included its actual dimensions in the graphic above. The luggage was simultaneously smaller and bigger than I thought it would be, and could optimize its storage capacity better.

It is approximately 19.5 inches in height including the wheels and 14 inches in width including the "feet" on the side of the suitcase. Both the length and width are much smaller than Air Canada's allotted dimensions of 21.5 inches and 15.5 inches respectively, so you're "losing" potential storage capacity.

The depth of the luggage is 9.5 inches, which is actually MORE than the 9 inches allowed by Air Canada and many other airlines. If you don't pack it full, you can probably still fit into those measurement bins they have at the gate, as the middle zipper area can be compressed. It just seems odd that the depth wasn't 9 inches to begin with. The "expansion" capability would increase the depth measurements, so you would have to use it as a checked bag if you over-pack.


Once I got over the weight and dimensions, I noticed the wheels felt really smooth and not clunky to push around in different directions. I tried the luggage on uneven pavements in downtown Toronto and it glided through just fine. The knobs on the side are also really handy in case you need your suitcase to sit still for a bit.

The handle felt extremely flimsy once I started dragging it around, which is not something you can tell from looking at it online. This makes me think that it probably wouldn't stand up to frequent usage.

I think there are better carry-on suitcases out there on the market, but you likely wouldn't get them for $70.00 and free shipping. If you're feeling cheap, need a suitcase in a pinch and tend to pack light, this would be a good option. Otherwise, spend a little more money on lighter, bigger carry-on suitcases.


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