What's in My TSA-Approved Makeup Bag?

So I'm a little obsessed with YouTube videos on packing at the moment. For some reason it's so satisfying to see people neatly organize their things into packing cubes and pouches into their suitcase. However, there is one thing that many YouTubers don't do that is driving me nuts: they aren't packing their makeup and skincare into one-litre clear plastic bags!
When your liquids are spread out across multiple makeup bags, it just slows you down at the airport when security officer asks you to step aside to dump all your liquids into one of their plastic bags. Not to mention I'd be flustered from holding the line up!

If you want to avoid that kind of hassle, keep reading to see how I keep all my liquids in one place and get through the TSA without any issues.

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The Bag

I use a clear zippered bag that came with my London Fog carry-on suitcase I bought several years ago. There's nothing particularly special about it, other than the fact that it meets most airport security requirements.

You can get similar ones here and here. I also really like this one from Muji, though it's not quite at one litre of capacity.

The Contents

This is what I would typically pack for a long trip (more than 1 week). Note that I do wear contact lenses.





I generally don't wear any eyebrow or lip products, but you can definitely fit one of each if you use them.


The brands of skincare can vary sometimes, depending on what I manage to get as a free sample. Generally I go with samples for cleansers and moisturizers.

  • Contact lens case [They usually come free with the contact lens solution]
  • Hair tie [Invisibobble 3-pack]
  • Medicine [Note: I usually keep pain and allergy medication in a spare contact lens case]
  • Cotton pads [Note: I like having these handy to remove makeup on the plane]

What Isn't In The Bag

Powders don't count as liquids, so I typically keep these outside of the liquids bag. This includes setting powder and eyeshadow.

Other makeup and skincare tools and accessories, such as an makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, hair ties, cotton buds, etc. will also go into a different makeup pouch.

Does It Fit??

Yes. Does it fit easily? No.


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